Monday, October 31, 2011



Okay, this is my-another-new-blog-of-the-year. I decided to make this one because my ICT teacher asked the class to make personal blogs. So, actually if we already have one, we don’t need to make the new one right. But, I don’t want to take a risk. Because my another official blog is like harsh, full of verbal abuses, like my feeling and my hatreds are all there. I think that’s inappropriate for school task LOL.
Well, I think I’m not gonna introduce myself because, you know, I have like 5 blogs and I never use it properly. Like, I made one, then use it, then I got bored, then I leave it. So, if you need any further info of me, you can read it in my profile. Or, you can add my facebook (Nadiya Afifah) and follow my twitter (@nadiyaaafifah).

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