Monday, October 31, 2011

Last day of October 2011.

It's Halloween, and I'm making my blog rather than celebrate it with my friends.Why? BECAUSE IT'S MONDAY AND I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW MORNING!!! This is not fun at all.
Well, actually, today was fun. Like half of my class was sick, but the chem teacher still ask us to do the 'Laju Reaksi' exam, and me and Meu was like talking about going to basketball match after school. So, when we finish, I decided to skip the bimbel the go to GOR. After watch the match (well smandelta lose 31-21), we were hungry so we went to roti bakar 88 but its not open yet so we ate at Baso Mas Gino because we want something hot and spicy. Then we bought some Singkong Keju, and it was sooo tasty. But, it was rainging, and cold, and we used umbrella after we got wet. And now, I'm typing this story, with the extreme headache of the week!!!

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