Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First day of November 2011

Today was normal, not really fun, even a little bit annoying. First, my chem exam result SUCKS! Second, the physics teacher is in so we didn't have free time. Third, we got tons of math task. INSANITY!! And the rest, well, let just me and God that know it.
But, today is Novi's birthday! And, on Sunday was Dendy's birthday. So both of the brought my class some food, the Dendy's chicken and Novi's pudding, and they are sooo tasty. Then after school, we have the Upacara practice. And so we decide to make the surprise for Nov and Den. Well, it's a little bit failed but it was fun. And the blueberry blackforrest cake was yummy LOL

Today's English first was especially ordinary. We got Eamond instead of Alex, so its different you know. We discussed  and debate, about religion, faiths, myths, and those stuffs which was not too fun and not too interesting. But, after the break, its quiet hilarious. We talked about some embarrassing moments, and its a quiet fun.

So yeah, here I am typing in front of my laptop. And, playing The Sims Social. And sleepy, need long break, sick of school.

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