Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday night on Oct 5th.

Okay, sorry for not blogging yesterday, but i was so tired so i just go to bed straight away and not thinking about anything else.
So, i had school like normal Saturday. But it was more exciting. First, because Saturday, we got sport class, and it meas EXERCISE--->HEALTHY--->THIN!!! Beside, although I don't really like the teacher, but the view is quiet good. We can see some cute-popcorns on the other side of the field (we have same schedule as year10 class) LOL. So yesterday, we practiced some lay up and basketball skills. Well, I don't really like basketball, fyi I prefer futsal. But, thank God, I could do it even I have to try like 1234576 times. Then, we had Bahasa class, but the teacher was absent so we got free time. But then, there was an information from the speaker telling us to clean the class then straight going home with no excul.
Okay, that's all from my school day. After my mom and dad left to Bandung, I went to SMS and exploring SMS2 with Sujan and others. It's quiet useless, but kinda fun though.

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