Monday, November 14, 2011

After a long time...

Sorry for not blogging this past few days. Well, first, I'm too busy for school and my far family's wed. And I was visiting Bandung to attended her wedding, so althpugh I brpught my laptop, I can't use it because theres not internet connection there. So, yeah, I'm pretty much tired. And now I'm having a headache because of upcoming math exam and stomachache because of maicih.
Well today #SILENCE bertugas menjadi petugas upacara di SMANDELTA. And thank God, berjalan dengan well lumayan sukses. Walaupun ada beberapa kekurangan di protokol (tika) yang sedikit salah baca, padus agak kecepetan, penggerek bendera (sena) agak terlambat, dan pembaca UUD (rizqi) intonasinya agak salah -menurut Pak Bandi, tapi overall it's good.
Today was not really great, kinda boring actually. Because all the teachers (most of them) we're ngelayat the smanitra's economic teacher, Pa Warno, who passed away because of liver cancer (I heard). So, we had free times, and doing some finger print registration (YEAY!!!). But on the last period, we still had chem. And it was boring and annoying, because of my mom not replying my text, i got picked by Bu Pur and it was embarrassing.  Not too good for Monday start. But, hell yeah, I went to Ersa's house after school for drama pratctice with the team. And we were not really practicing, just made some props. LOL

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