Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second day of November 2011.

I am exhausted. Physically and mentally. I got a sudden fever in the morning on my way to school, then extreme headache on my way to math extra lesson. Sucks.
To be honest, today was not so tiring, but it was not fun at all. As usual, Bahasa on the first lesson, made drama group and wrote the synopsis. Then physics class, gossiping with the girls, Meu, Risjun, Huga and Novi. BP class, then the boring Agama class LOL. We almost got a sudden exam, but thank God, we were like protesting to him so he couldn't do anything. Well, there was a funny story on the last period, on EC lesson. So, the AC was so hot even there was raining outside. And Mam Ruli said "why does everytime i come to this room, it feels so hot? Is there something wrong with the AC?", and the class was like "Well, its because the previous teacher Mam. He brought the 'hot' atmosphere here, so  we're like running out of oxygen". And suddenly, everyone was laughing so loud, including me LOL.
And instead of continuing my math homework, i'm blogging. And I have music test tomorrow, but too lazy to practice (fyi its 11:15 and gonna disturb everyone). Just fingers-crossed then. 

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