Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blessed Tuesday.

Counting to the final exam week, I got blessed this whole day. First, the chem exam was not as difficult as I thought. Well, I hope I will get a good score at this Kesetimbangan exam (no remedial) because I feel like I've done my best and the kkm was not as high as usual (only 70). So, yeah, fingers crossed. Second, after the chem exam, we got free lesson (because Pak Edi, phy teacher, was absent). Then, on the biology class, Ibu Dewi was in but the subject was fun (as usual). We discussed about the blood disease and it was quiet interesting because that's what my interest is, I like medical thingy. Then we got chem again, but Ibu Pur just gave the Legitimasi card, then leave us free. So, instead of boring in class, me and Novi were taking care of the Saman invitation. We searched for Pak Mashudi, and we found him at the lobby and then we talked. It was quiet intens because there were also other kids who asked for permissions and stuffs. When we talked, then suddenly Ibu Neni came to see us. Then we all four talked, and what Ibu Neni said was quiet nervebreaking, but thats our consequences. Well, thank God (Allah), they gave us permission with the promise of bringing the winning trophy (well I hope the Tim B will win :D). Yeah, last thing, we have to full fill the forms and make a proposal for school administration. Haha thats easy ;)

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