Thursday, November 10, 2011


I think, going to school today was useless. First, my mom was away so technically I was free to do everything. Second, we just had first lesson, then all free time. Third, instead of going home at 10am because the teachers were having some kind of IT Workshop, we stayed in school (me teaching saman, which was sooo tiring) until 12 o'clock. Pathetic much, huh?!
Then we decided to have upacara practice, but like none of us listened to Yuga, so everyone like going home on their own. Then Meu, Novi, and Dwi came to my house to practice B.Indo drama, and the the others (Asip, Ismu, Dipts, Yuns, Ers, and Hans bakal nyusul) but super nggak jadi because Dipts had a bad mood, Yuyun went out with her bf, and others well I don't really know. Hahaha, again, this is pathetic.

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