Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday night, I didn't have time to blog because I was so busy preparing properties and costumes for drama. So, yeah, I'm gonna tell the story about yesterday. Tuesday is always busy, we have all science subjects and it was exhausting. And yesterday we had Math exam, and I didn't study at all because I was so busy thinking about drama. I forgot all the formulas, so I was like randomly chose the answer or doing pray or singing saman song to do my capcipcup LOL. And yesterday I stayed late in school, like until 5pm because we were rehearsing drama and I also had saman audition*fingercrossedwishmeluck*. Then when I got home, I was panic because I don't have any contact lens left for tomorrow so I ran to my mom and get some money then go to TangCity to buy some contacts. After that, I went to summarecon to burger king to get some crowns LOL.

And the show begins. We had bahasa Indonesia class today, and we (me, yuyun, meu, asip, ersa, hana, ismu) were the first grup. So it was kinda failed because we're just talking so fast no space for music, and a little bit awkward and some points because we forgot the text LOL. But over all, it was amazing because we only rehearse like 4 or 5 times, not seriously. And like all of us got 87 except ME GOT 88!!! so heppih~ on the other hand, we were nervous because we thought we gonna have physics exam (pa edi said on tue), buth then it was moved to next tue. Well that's all for today, I'm busy making the history summary.
*photos of drama are not yet available
*videos are not available (sorry)

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