Friday, November 4, 2011

empat november dua ribu sebelas

Today was sooo tiring. It's friday, tomorrow is saturday (but we have half-day school) and instead of having free time, all the teachers are in. First thing in the morning, I helped ditot to cut some photos but then a teacher came. She was angry at me, she was like talk to class and  talk about some God and stuffs and my ego was like "hell yeah you annoyed me, i'm no longer in a good mood. blame it on you, i hate you lalala~" but I keep it for myself because I know that's inappropriate if I said it to her like that. Maybe she'll be embarrassed, but then I'm gonna have like biatch reputation right. So, yeah, i just stay quiet, keep calm, take a deep breath, and let her leave the room in peace.
But then on  the first lessons were quiet good because its bio. And the topic was interesting, i like it actually. It was discussing about GOLONGAN DARAH and stuffs, so the students were kinda debating at first because they were miss understood, but at the end, we are all understand it. Second period, we have ICT. Bu Dina came in and ask us about the blog task she gave, and she asked us to write down our blog's name. Before checking one by one, she showed us the awesome group other student made (well in my opinion, it was not that good. too complicated, too full color, too noisy, well just too much for highschoolers.) Then she said about making SMANDELTA more famous (get in to top 10 result in google) , so we should make like minimum 10 posts about SMAN 8 Tangerang before the final exam. I don't have any good idea yet, because I'm, new and I don't really know SMANDELTA that well yet, but yeah I'll try. Beside, there's gonna be an Idul Adha event on next Monday. So, I think that's gonna be a good start to discuss about SMANDELTA in my blog. And before I forget, we're gonna have an ICT theory test on next friday. I personally don't like it that much, because I think its useless, but well why not right? As long as I get good result LOL. Then I have Japan class, just study about some verbs and new words. And the structure to write and talk about day time year and stuffs. And also, we're gonna have speaking test next friday (i guess). And in English class, we did some exercises and listen to some music :D

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