Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So, on Monday, Indonesia got a final match for Sea Games with Malaysia at GBK. Because the ticket was sold out and it was school day, my mom didn’t let me watch it live. So then, I decided to go to Huga’s house with the #S1LENCE crew. But then, there was an information that Pak Hikmat and other teachers made nobar at the school, so we were all excited. Then I asked for my mom’s permission but then (I think) she got a little bit misunderstood because I said “there’s gonna be freetime tomorrow, I got no exams” but then because my mom didn’t trust me, she called Bu Pur and she also misunderstood. Well, at the end, there was a little bit fight between me and my mom. So I challenged her to ask my dad to call either Pak Arsil or Pak Hikmat  and ask, so he asked. THEN I WAS RIGHT AND MY MOM WAS WRONG SO SHE WAS GONDOK AND IN WAS HAPPY *evillaugh*
Well, at the end, even Indonesia lose, we lose in pride. They’re not skillfull, Malay just lucky. “ah dasar malingsia alay bet daaahhh, gue lempar gendang nih!” LOL

Some pics from the NOBAR:
Random photos of the NOBAR from Novi's cam.

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