Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Okay, these few days (almost a week actually) were insane. I was too busy doing some homeworks and too lazy to post. SO, here I am posting some last posts before this blog was checked by Ibu Dina.
If I am not busy, or lazy, I might tell you guys about what I did these past week. But now I get fever, flu, and extreme headache. And you know what, I have chem exam tomorrow.
So this week is gonna be busy because next week we got final semester exam, and I'm gonna be in room 8, and I'm not sure that I can stand until this Wednesday because I feel so sick.

This Monday (today) we got upacara like usual, dan pembina upacaranya from polres. I thought he was scary or so, but then he was so funny until the upacara was not so boring. After the upacara, we got civil, we did some LKS, and stuffs, and a little bit sleepy. And instead of paying attention, I was making saman lists and stuff. Then we got break, then free from physic to biology. Then we got lunch, and it was raining so heavy until I got cold. Then on the chem class, instead of studying for tomorrow's exam, we got 'curhat; session with Bu Pur. Well, it's all start because the kesiswaan doesn't let sama excul join the visualista competition. Like it was so annoying, like they (especially 'she') made the procedures so hard. She hide the proposal (I guess) and act like nothing ever happen. I mean, I'm sick of being a nice good patient student. Well, although I was new, I have limit. There are teachers who have power and use it well so you can respect them so high, and there are also teachers who have power and misuse it until you just want to disrespect them.
Okay, I'm too following my emotion. And this is a little bit inappropriate to tell this complete story in public. Yeah, well, and last, me and Novi was crying, then we got rained for taking the proposal. And its all because of a little small thing. This is not worth it!

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