Monday, November 7, 2011

First post after the show.

HI GUYS!! Me and Novi and the other saman crew have just performed, and it was nerve breaking. Well, actually, I was not that nervous, but suddenly my mouth just gone dry and I was panic because I was afraid if my voice won't come out. But, thanks to Huga, who gave drink, my mouth was not too dry and my voice can come out. Fyi, this is my first public performance in SMAN 8 Tangerang. Yeah, I am a new student, and it's kinda exciting because finally I have something I can be good in it. But to be honest, even the costumes and make up were kinda amazing, the performance was not that good. I know nothing is perfect, but this is not too satisfying. Like there were no climax, no dancergasm. It's not only the dancers who made some mistakes, Me and Novi, as syekh, made mistakes too. Like sing then running out of breath and wrong on the percussions. But, these things should make us better in the future. It's a good lesson to practice more, less joking during practice, more smiles and more focus.

*video and photos are not yet available

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