Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It feels like its been ages i didnt update my blog. Well, its ticktockticktock already to the final exam. I haven't literally finsih my ICT tasks (i think), well i haven't done the LKS and this blog (min.10 posts about smandelta) and the makalah thingy (i forgot what the topic is). So, yeah, i'm gonna summary all the activities i've done these past days.

On saturday, i went to Lippo Karawaci to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. So when the bell rang, we can't really go out of school because we got the excul. But then, at 12 we can go home (if the excul is done already). But, I got saman, so i was like ran from my class to the gate to the car and straight away went to lippo to buy the tickets. It was reaaly full, dan super ngantri, and i was like "ohmygod gimana kalo nggak dapet". But then I got the ticket, and I was absolutely happy. And yeah, me and ka echa and sujan and acung and dwi and novi wacthed it together :D

And after we watch the movie, we went to the Iconlife to take some pics then just took a walk to the Gramedia, Gaudi, and stuffs.

Just study for Monday subjects like biology or doing some chem exercises and stuffs, and PLAYING THE SIMS!!! :D

Monday was a little bit boring at first, but then it got better. I met ‘uknowwho’ after the upacara. Well, it’s a little bit funny because we almost hit each other because it was so hot and the sun was so shiny so I didn’t realize that he was in front of me. And he was like “eh..” and I was so panic so I ran LOL. After that we got civil, then break time, then physics (terus tesnya diundur because kita milih nonton bola), then biology (bu dewi was absent karena anaknya drop so we just prayed him to get better), then lunch. Terus pas chem. Class mati lampu so it was a little bit fun because kita belajar diluar LOL.

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