Thursday, March 29, 2012

DAY OFF: Barbeque and Movies At Huga's

Well, we (grade 10 and 11 students) are having a week off because of the grade 12 school final exams. This is such a bless because we finally have a break from the school routines. We don't have to wake up in early dawn, take a shower with cold water in a hurry, and running out of breath to reach the class. It's kinda fun you know.
On this week off, some of other classes decided to go out of the city. For example Science3 and Social1 went to Anyer, or Science4 to Anyer. On the other hand, my class has not yet have an idea. And for some reasons they may not allowed to 'spend that much money'. Kinda sucks, but somehow not too bad. I can sleep all day long, watching tv, dvds, or visiting one of us's house and held a Barbecue :)

#S1LENCE movie marathon
Barbecue Business

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