Sunday, May 6, 2012

אני אוהב אותך♥

Do you still remember the first day we met?
The day I passed you in the lobby and didn't even see you there.
Do you still remember the first laugh we shared together?
The day we played truth or dare at the back of the classroom.
Do you still remember the first text we had?
The day when you sent me the chemistry data for the report.
Do you still remember the first long bbm chat we made?
The day when you just got you new blackberry.
Do you still remember the first time we flirted?
The day we had together in Dufan.
Do you still remember the first time we hold hand?
The day when we watched Ju-on.
Do you still remember the first friend-kiss we shared?
The day when you kissed me on my forehead in front of BCA on Karaoke night.
Do you still remember the day we realized that we just can't live without each other?
Yes, I still do.

1/4 year.
3 months.
13 weeks.
90 days.
2160 hours.
129600 minutes.
7776000 seconds.

It seems like its been forever.
The anger, the madness, the misunderstanding.
The lies, the pains, the jealousy.
The arguments, the screams.
It definitely a sweet-poison of life.
It kills, slowly, deeply.
The tears I have every night.
The fools you made to annoyed me.
Its just unreasonable.

You know what, we learned.
Yes, we grow up, together.
I know it was hard. And its still hard. And its gonna be harder.
The forgiveness, the happiness, the understanding.
The trust, the heals, the patience.
It definitely a bitter-medicine of life.
It heals, slowly, deeply.

We are just kids in love.
We are just drunk and crazy teenagers.
Guess what? Love comes to those who least expect it.
I never plan to fall in love with the guy I just met for less than a year.
I never thought on the first place that you're gonna be this important.
Nowadays, I didn't even remember how it felt not to love you.
Being with you, even worth the risks and pains.
The smiles and laughs you bring like a morning sunshine, is just sweeter than sugar.
The hugs and kisses you give like fireworks, is just hotter than fire.
Your charisma, the romantic treats, blow me up over the sky.

Thank you for being here with me.
Every day, every moments, on these past 3 months.
Promise me that you won't be in love with someone else.
Promise me that you won't leave me because of another girl, except your mom.
Promise me that you won't ignore me because of anything, except upcoming exams study.
Promise me that you won't lie again, won't hurt me again, and just patiently take care of unstable me.
Just promise me that you will do all those promises.
I hope we can last long, even longer than centuries.
If we're not meant to be together someday, that's fine.
Because somehow, God knows how 'meant-to-be' we are for each other.
I love you Mr.RRH52

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