Thursday, May 17, 2012

RESPECT THE AGE OF 17!!! (Tika's)

Well, today one of my classmate, Tika, held her birthday lunch in Istana Nelayan Serpong. It was a lunch because, well, it is the first day of the long weekend HAHA :D. And yet, she wasn't inviting too many people, there are only us, and Ega and Didi. 
So there wasn't any dress code, but still I was pretty confuse about what clothes/dress I'm going to wear. Instead of searching the present (which I've already bought on Tuesday), I asked my mom to buy me something to wear. I mean, Rizqi told me that he's gonna wear Chelsea jersey, but I was kinda hmmm about it. You know, its just not really me. So, I try to find something much like his shirt. Then I found this stripes cropped shirt, so cute. There are no size L, and thank god I'm on diet and already lose some weights, it fits. So yeah, I bought that and wear it to Tika's.
On the dinner, it starts at 1pm, but most of us came late, including me (i'm only like 15min late LOL). So the rest were just doing some karaoke and taking some pics while waiting for the other. The real lunch start around 1.30 or something. So, after that yeah you know, we were all feel like about tho blow up because we eat too much LOL. Hahahaha :P
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKSKIW!!! Have a fab 17th and hopefully you like the present ;)


Me, Tika the Borthday Girl, and the girls :)

Ismu with me-dips-yuns (+didi)
Ditha - Hana - Me
Risjun - Dipta - Ditha - Me

Yunita - Ditha - Me - Dipta
Dipta - Hana - Me - Ersa
Me and the girls :) 
*P.S. There are still some photos from Risjun's that hasn't been uploaded yet

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